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11:18am 23/04/2009
  שלום בכר
שלום בכך

Do either of these make sense to anyone? It was on a bumper sticker I saw at my father's workplace, but it looked like they had tried removing it (hence I do not know the last letter for sure and whether it was CH final or reysh). The rest of it should be correct, though.

Obviously the first word is "Shalom" but I can't seem to figure out the second word.
Translation request. 
09:22am 13/01/2008
  So as not to clutter up your page, I am directing you to this post in my livejournal.

(Read more…)

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Cross-posted to learn_hebrew, weirdjews, weirdjews2. Please don't hate me, I just would really appreciate a quick answer.
Dog and Cat training 
07:52pm 30/06/2007
  Hey guys!

So, in an attempt to teach myself better Hebrew, I'm going to teach my dogs and cats how to do basic tricks in Hebrew.

I have both female and male dogs and cats, so I will need both words in each m/f, if someone doesn't mind! 8D

So here is the list I need:

Sit, Stay, Lay down, Fetch, Jump, Speak, Shake, Free (as in, free to get up and go), Drop(Or "release", for dropping objects).

I will need it in Hebrew and with vowel points, if that is possible.
Hey guys 
11:40pm 21/06/2007
  Could anyone tell me what ישן is? What does it mean?

It's in the context of, like: -fill in proper tense here- הבוקר אתה

If anyone could help that would be wonderful!
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New Group 
10:13pm 29/11/2006
  Please join my new group, askanisraeli, and spread the word! It's a question/answer forum.  All questions are appropriate from where to stay when visiting, to what we watch on TV, to harder issues like terrorism, politics and corruption. See you there!  
Word/Phrase Questions... 
12:40am 20/06/2006
mood: curious
I was hoping people here would be willing to help. I was wondering what these words are in Hebrew:

grandfather (from a granddaughter) (I've seen sàvim and ba, but want to be sure)
I love you
protect (also variations protection/protect me/you)

I've searched the web and have looked around LJ, but have so far come up empty and figured I'd ask.

Also, anyone know of a good dictionary website for English-Hebrew? Most I've found give the Hebrew word written in Hebrew, but I'm unable to read the language.

Thanks for any help!
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thinking about retrying academia re: hebrew 
07:44pm 13/06/2006
  anyone have any recommendations on where has a good hebrew dept.? I'm barely if at all interested in classical/biblical, in the vein of anyone studying english being interested in olde english... an afterthought, you know? context etc. but there's *so much* of that, and so less of modern hebrew, it's hard to sort through. I'd appreciate any input on where to go for institutional learning of modern hebrew, from a linguistical standpoint rather than a religious edge. thanks!

x-posted but why do people even announce their x-postings?
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Pesach music 
12:44am 03/03/2006
mood: awake
Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to make my relatives a CD of songs from the Seder so that they are familiar with the tunes by the time Pesach roles around.

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of especially good tunes, CDs etc (I have Debbie Friedman and a few others) I would also love an English version of the 4 Questions as the youngest of my cousins doesn't know any Hebrew?

If anyone would be prepared to upload any songs for me I would be extremely grateful!! Even names of artists and tracks helps. I'll happily share the finished CD with the group if people are interested.

Btw has anyone heard the Ten Plagues by David and the High Spirits? It sounds way too cheery...almost like a Chanukah song even as it's listing off the plagues.

I also heard that there is a 'make your own Haggadah' website. Does anyone have any experience of this or have any particular Haggadah references or websites they recommend?

Thank you!!

Apologies for X posting
The Red Cross and why to support Jewish charities... 
10:44pm 11/02/2006
mood: concerned
My Grade 3 class have decided to support the Red Cross as one of their Tzedakah projects. I keep hearing bits and pieces about corruption and anti-semitism in the red cross, none of which I've seen substantiated. If anyone knows any reliable sources of info around this, I would so appreciate it.

I would like to suggest to the class that they support Ve'ahavta instead as they do similar work to the Red Cross but are a Jewish organization. How does one explain briefly to 8 year olds why it's advantageous to support a Jewish organization? Ultimately the decision is up to the students but I'd like to give them some info.

If anyone has any sources or suggestions they would be much appreciated!!This is time sensitive as I am teaching tomorrow morning, so if anyone is around tonight and has an answer, do let me know.

Apologies for X posting
Can anyone help? 
11:06pm 19/01/2006
mood: busy
I could really do with some inspiration...

I need to design a 1 hour lesson for grade 3 about Israel. It can be anything. It can also be a series of lessons over about 5 weeks, each an hour long. Has anyone got any ideas about what to do? I am over-tired and lacking ideas.

I am also planning a lunch and learn for Hillel. My job is basically to do outreach to the Reform students who would not otherwise attend Hillel events. I am excited about this. Once people attend I can ask them what kind of events they want, but in order to do that I want to organize something to draw them in. I am running one as a lunch event on campus and one as an evening in a coffee place close to a different campus. They will both be informal and hopefully a time to hear what people would like, so I want to have a topic that would motivate discussion.

How much actual teaching should I do as part of this? And can you think of any catchy publicity slogans/name for the event?

I'd love some suggestions. Normally I have lots of ideas but today my brain does not seem to be functioning so any input would be appreciated.

Apologies for X posting
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09:24pm 10/11/2005
  Is this the correct word for "family"?:


X-posted to learn_hebrew and israeli
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Grammar / Vocab Questions 
05:22pm 10/11/2005
mood: curious
1. Does "מטפלת" mean "nurse"?
Can I use it like this?: היא מטפלת

2. Just checking: "אומנות" is "art", right? I could say something like "אני לומדת אומנות"?

Also...does "אומן" mean "artist" (ie - a male artist such as a painter, sculptor, etc.)?

3. I want to use "Portuguese" as a nationality, as in "They're Portuguese". Would this be the correct form: "הם פורטוגזים"?

Any help/clarification/confirmation/correction is greatly appreciated.


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Some help...? 
12:15pm 23/10/2005
mood: confused
I need some help with two words / phrases that I can't seem to figure out or find anywhere.

The first word is:


Which according to my dictionary means "amber"...but that definition doesn't seem to make sense in the context of the reading in which the word occurs. Does it have any alternate meanings?

The second (a phrase) is:

ושם המשפחה

I am pretty sure that the vav is a preposition ("and"), but the rest I can't figure out...

Any help / clarification is greatly appreciated.



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08:17pm 05/02/2005
Air & Avir have the same Greek parent, AER.

Avira means mood, atomosphere.

Aviron means airplane.
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Hi,I'm new! 
09:41am 29/01/2005
mood: restless
I'm a very new person to this community,too.So I thought I'd introduce myself if that's okay.
I'm Michelle.You can call me Ela.I'm from Germany and since a quite few years I'm very interested in learning Hebrew. For me it's a hard to learn language.I'm better in learning English or Spain.My Hebrew skills and knowledge are not that good, but I wanna improve it,and I already understand a bit.But anyways Hebrew and everything about Israel still fascinates me the most. I searched for a community like this one and I think we're all gonna have fun here.Maybe later I will try to post something in Hebrew,too?
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02:02am 19/12/2004
  Does anyone know what 'kayemet' means? (As in, Keren Kayemet?)

I lost my Hebrew-English dictionary!

Toda raba!
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petition against israeli burial for arafat x-posted 
12:00am 06/11/2004
11:09pm 26/10/2004
  Hi! I'm an old member, returning! (I had changed my username from my past username).

Anyway, I hope this isn't off topic, but - my daughter is 3 mos. old, and on November 20, she is having a baby naming at our temple (a conservative temple).

Her Hebrew name is Eden, and we want her Hebrew middle name to be a name that begins with i.

We haven't decided on one yet. (oops!)... so we need to soon.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

We can't use the name Ilona, because we have a cousin named Ilona.

maybe Iliora? Is that even a name? haha...

In case anyone's wondering... Eden is after my grandfather Eddie (get it? ed and ed?) and the middle name is named after my great grandfather, Ilario.



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12:23pm 16/09/2004
  Shanah Tovah from Israel!  
01:21am 02/07/2004
mood: creative
I'm learning Biblical Hebrew this year at school! Just wanted to say "hi", and I'm majorly psyched about all the Jewishness and Hebrewness.
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